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​​​​​​The work of the Church 'round the world


Missions we support monthly include


Chuck and Ariel Rhinehart - Italy

David and Theresa Greenhough (Gateway International), India


Latin America

Chris and Julie Abiuso, Mexico

Roger and Sharon Holland, Bolivia    

Stephen and Sonia Wallace, Argentina


Jerry and Karen Jacob, Fiji,  Pacific Oceania http://jerryandkarenjacob.com/

Duane and Lori Danielsen, Southern Asia



Dave and Julie Goldschmidt, Scotland

Jerry and April Foster, Belgium

Michael and Kathy Froitzheim (Healthcare Ministries)



Phil and Robin Malcolm,  Togo  http://themalcolmsministry.org/



Paul and Andrea Valerius, Newark, NJ, USA

Brian and Michelle Adams (Youth Alive Ministries), USA

Bob and Emily Seemar, Chosen People Ministries

World Missions