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What is Awana?... Awana is FUN!


Awana is an international youth organization whose focus is helping churches spread the gospel

to children in their communities.


Here at FDC, Awana is open to children ages 3- sixth grade. Cubbies is where pre-K kids learn about how special they are to God. Sparks is for kindergarten- 2nd graders who learn how to apply God's Word to their lives. T&T teaches 3rd-6th graders that the ultimate adventure is found in their relationship with Jesus Christ!


After the opening gathering, clubbers rotate through three stations:

   • Handbook time

   • Large Group time

   • Game time


Each Awana club has its own uniform on which to display pins, patches and other awards. (Awana clubbers can earn awards nearly every week! These kids are motivated to learn God's Word!) Clubbers have colorful, kid-friendly and relevant handbooks to guide them through the year. They work on memorizing verses and completing activities in club and at home. Awana leaders and parents encourage their completion, but each child is able to work at his or her own pace; earning awards for each finished section


Good Shepherd Christian Academy - 490 Route 57 - West -  Washington, NJ 07882


Child Registration

Volunteer Application

2017-18 Awana Calendar

Parent Manual (Print double-sided)


Awana meets at the Good Shepherd Christian Academy on Sunday evenings from 4 to 6.

(September thru May)


Check-in time is 4:00 pm


We begin in the chapel located at the back entrance of the school.


Please bring your child(ren) in to register and sit with them during a brief opening time. Everyone will be dismissed to their club at 4:15 and parents are free to leave.


Pick-up time is 6 pm


Please come in to pick-up your child(ren). They will be dismissed from the chapel to a parent or an authorized adult.


Books and Uniforms:

Handbook                                           $11

Cubbies/ Sparks Vest                        $11

T&T t-shirts                                         $16


(No family will ever be turned away for financial reasons.)

​​Student Ministry for Jr. and Sr. High - visit our Facebook for more information:​​​  ​click here.