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Our Team


Jerry has served this congregation since October, 2000. He is an ordained minister of the General Council of the Assemblies of God.  His ministry is focused on practically applied teaching of principles drawn from

careful study of the Scripture.

He presents the Word with an emphasis on personal integrity, authenticity,  and down to earth humor.

Jerry is a father of 4 - Jay, Sean, Christine, and Maribel.

His wife, Bev, entered the Presence of the LORD

on December 29, 2015.


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Melina has been working with us since June 2005. She serves FDC as Administrative Assistant and bookkeeper, bringing her talents to God's Service with excellence.

She is the heartbeat of the office.


You can reach Melina at (908) 689-7777

You can also email her at office@FaithDiscovery.com 

Melina Zagra

Administrative Assistant

and Bookkeeper

Rev. Jerry D. Scott


Rev. Jerry Scott, Pastor

Dr. Tom Edmunds, Elder

Garry Hollenbeck, Elder

Phil Marchello, Elder

Dave Bishop, Deacon

Laura Deeney, Deacon

Basil Imbimbo, Deacon

Pat Padgett, Deacon

Jim Stull, Deacon